KCRE  Engages Nepali Students in Science Day Celebration

KCRE  Engages Nepali Students in Science Day Celebration


On the occasion of the 20th Public Science Day of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Kathmandu Center for Research and Education (KCRE), a collaborative initiative between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tribhuvan University, organized an enriching interaction program for Nepali school students. The event aimed to foster scientific curiosity and understanding among young learners.

A total of 36 enthusiastic students from Grade 9 and 10, representing Durbar High School Ranipokhari, Balbatika School Kapan, Adhyayan Academy Samakhusi, and LRI School Kalanki, participated in the event. The program featured a series of informative sessions and interactive demonstrations, designed to provide students with a hands-on experience of scientific concepts and research activities.

Dr. Tianli Xu, Deputy Director of KCRE, inaugurated the event with a keynote address that highlighted the significance of science in everyday life. He encouraged students to pursue scientific knowledge with passion and curiosity. "Science is not just a subject but a way to understand the world around us," Dr. Xu remarked, emphasizing the importance of nurturing scientific thinking from a young age.

Dr. Binod Dawadi, Deputy Director of KCRE and Associate Professor at the Central Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, provided an overview of KCRE’s mission and activities. He discussed the center's role in advancing scientific research and education in Nepal, and inspired students to consider careers in science and technology.

Adding a practical dimension to the program, Scientist Dr. Madam Sigdel introduced the students to the functions  of automatic weather stations. She explained how these stations function and their critical role in weather forecasting and climate monitoring. This session was particularly engaging, as students got the opportunity to see the equipment up close and understand its applications.

Furthermore, Scientist Sunil Acharya conducted a session on the activities of the KCRE Scientific Lab. He demonstrated various experiments and projects being undertaken at the lab, sparking interest among students in laboratory research and experimentation.

The event was a resounding success, leaving the students motivated and eager to explore the world of science further. Such initiatives are crucial in cultivating the next generation of scientists and researchers who will contribute to Nepal's development and the global scientific community.

The Kathmandu Center for Research and Education continues to play a pivotal role in promoting scientific education and collaboration between Nepal and China, reflecting its commitment to fostering international scientific cooperation and innovation.