TU teaching hospital

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) was established in 1972 under Tribhuvan University with the mandate and the responsibility of training all the categories of health manpower needed in the country. Within the first decade of its establishment. it developed a total of 12 campuses scattered over the country out of which 3 campuses were in Kathmandu and 9 campuses were outside the Kathmandu Valley.

During the time of its establishment, 36 years back, this hospital was established as a general hospital with 301 beds and there have been hardly 300 outdoor patients each day. But now, with the passage of your time, there has been a drastic change within the infrastructure and healthcare facilities. Today the amount of beds has increased from 300 to 700 alongside the expansion of advanced medical care Units, separate Emergency building, Pediatric Building, ENT and Orthopedic Building. 

The expansion of Emergency building has made us ready to provide the facilities associated with emergency and mass casualty care appropriately to the patients. thanks to best health care facilities, super-specialty care, and affordable treatment, it's been ready to gain the trust of the people from everywhere the state. This hospital is the first choice of the people despite the availability of newly constructed private hospitals with sophisticated infrastructure within the city