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Faculty of Law is one of the oldest faculties of T.U. It was  was established in 1959 AD as an Institute of Law. However, Law College was established in 1954 AD with offering LL.B courses with an affiliation to Patna University of India. In 1972, the Institute of Law prepared a 2 years comprehensive curriculum for Certificate Level (CL) and 3 years curriculum for Diploma in Law (D.L.). After establishment of T.U in 1959., it  came under T.U. This institute was renamed as the Faculty of Law in 1974 AD.


Faculty of Law has following basic objectives

  • To produce human resource equipped with necessary skill, competency and integrity;

  • To impart sense of responsibility towards society, nation and the world;

  • To develop a base of legal excellence with international and indigenous understanding;

  • To promote research and understand insights of law and society; and

  • To prepare competent human resource in the field of law and justice.

Admission Policy

The admission policy of each programme is as follows:

  • LL.B(Bachelor of Laws)- There is no entrance exam for getting admission in this programme. The student  having s bachelor’s degree in any discipline can get admission.


  • B.A.LL.B (Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws) - Ten plus two graduates are qualified for admission in this programme after passing entrance exam. The total 280 students get admission each year. Only two constituent campuses--Nepal Law Campus located at Kathmandu offers admission for 105 students and  Prithivi Narayan Multiple Campus located at Pokhara offers admission for 35 students each year on the merit basis. The National Law College, an affiliated college, offers admission for 105 students on the merit basis. There are 53 seats reserved for getting admission on the basis of merit. These reservation seats are specified as follows: Women-11, Indigenous Nationalities-8, Madhesi-8, Dalit-5, people with Disabilitis-5, people from backward area-3, Muslim-3, Tharu-5 and others-5 get admission under the reservation.​​​​


  • LL.M(Master of Laws) 4 Semesters Programme - The person who has Bachelor’s Degree in law is qualified to get admission in this programme through passing entrance exam. The Total number of seats for Nepal Law Campus is fifty and National Law College is fifty. Among these seats, 11/11seats are reserved for each campus, i.e.,  Women-2, Indigenous nationalities-2, Madhesi-1, Dalit-1, People with disabilities-1, People from backward areas-1, Muslim – 1, Tharu-1 and Others- 1


  • LL.M (Master of Laws) 6 Semesters Programme - The student  desiring to get admission in this programme should pass entrance exam. The entrance exam is the same for both 4 Semesters and 6 Semesters Programme.The successful applicant can choose either 4 Semesters or 6 Semesters Programme.  The total numbers of seats of this program is 35 only. This program is running only in the Nepal Law Campus in the morning shift. There are 9 reserve seats in this programme. They are specified as follows: Women-1, Indigenous nationalities-1, Madhesi-1, Dalit-1,People with Disabilitis-1,Backward areas -1, Muslim-1, Tharu-1 and others-1.

Evaluation and Examination

Each theoretical subject would have 100% weightage divided into 60%  for external exam to be conducted by the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Law, and, 40% weightage for internal evaluation.