Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science & Technology Ph.D. Festival 2080 – First Announcement

Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science & Technology Ph.D. Festival 2080 – First Announcement

2023-10-09 / 2023-10-10T23:59:00
Central Department premises, Kirtipur
Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University

            Institute of Science & Technology

       Ph.D. Festival 2080 – First Announcement

Background: Ph.D. program has been introduced in IoST, TU from the very beginning of the establishment of Science Departments. At that time there was no research committee at the Dean Office. It was under Rector’s office. The first Ph.D. in TU is awarded in the year 1968. It was in English. The second Ph.D. was awarded to Prof. Dr. Shiv Shankar Singh in Zoology. So, zoology is the first discipline in which Ph.D. is awarded in the year 1970. Prof. Singh was first HoD of Central Department of Zoology as well. The second and third Ph.D. were awarded in the field of mathematics and chemistry, respectively. Till the end of the year 2022, 233 Ph.D. has been awarded in the field of Science & Technology by Tribhuvan University. Figure 1 shows the rate of increase of Ph.D. award from 1970 to 2022.

Figure 1: Rate of increase of Ph.D. award by Tribhuvan University in the field of Science & Technology.

At present, more than 450 students are doing Ph.D. in various 13 disciplines (Zoology, Math, Chemistry, Botany, Physics, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Environmental Science, Hydrology & Meteorology, Food Technology, Geology, and Computer Science & Information Technology) of science & technology under institute of science and technology, TU. In the last year, 33 Ph.D. has been awarded. This year, IoST expect to award more than 50 Ph.D.s. The rate of quality publications has also been increased in the last 5 years. In addition, interdisciplinary research projects are also emerging targeting national priority projects. It is therefore, Dean Office, IoST decided to organize 2-days long Ph.D. festival during 22-23 Asoj 2080 (9-10 October) targeting to improve the quality of on-going Ph.D. works. The main attraction will be poster of all on-going Ph.D. students on the streets in and around science & technology Central Department premises at University Campus, Kirtipur,


  1. The festival offers researchers an opportunity to showcase their research and present research plans to the faculty community, and to discuss common challenges and opportunities.
  2. The festival provides an opportunity to explore thematic umbrella for carrying out multidisciplinary research in the future so that outcome can be connected to the society.
  3. The festival aims to introduce our PhD researchers to experts, professionals and PhD alumni who will share their experience and career journey.


  1. Ph.D. students of IoST, TU
  2. Central Department Research Committee (CDRC)
  3. Ph.D. Supervisors / Co-supervisors
  4. Ph.D. Students of other universities

Registration call for the participant will be announced in the second circular of the festival.


  1. Ph.D. Alumni of IoST will be invited
  2. Ph.D. students of other institutes and faculties of TU will be invited
  3. Faculties of S&T of TU and other Universities
  4. Industrialists / Entrepreneurs / Incubators / Government Sectors / Innovators / Commerce & Business Sector / NGOs / Publishers / Researchers / NAST
  5. Other interested (including M.Sc. students)

CDRC are suggested to provide list of contributors and collaborators outside the University.

Poster Presentation

The major attraction of the festival is the poster of each Ph.D. students. Each Ph.D. students of IoST are suggested to present their on-going work. The hypothesis, research gaps, work progress, preliminarily results, problems, limitations, etc should be clearly discussed.

Abstract call for the posters will be announced in the second circular.

There will be ‘best poster award’ in four categories: Biological Science, Physical Science & Mathematical Science and interdisciplinary areas.

Format of the Poster

All running Ph.D. students are suggested to prepare a poster in the format given below:

Following instructions should be strictly followed while preparing posters:

  1. Recommended size (width 2.5 ft x length 3.0 ft) should be strictly maintained.
  2. Font size should not be smaller than ‘24’ in the poster (except reference). The FONT are suggested to choose in such a way that each & every sentences should be readable from 6 feet distance from the poster.
  3. The font size of the Title should be at least 96. It should be readable from 12 feet distance.
  4. TU logo should be used carefully (suggest to take it from the webpage of TU Central Office). Logo of collaborator’s institutions can be added in the poster.
  5. Figures, images, tables, flow chart, pictures, plots, diagram, algorithm, etc are preferred in the posters. No theoretical complexity (equations, derivations, etc) are generally expected in the poster. It can be discussed orally in front of the poster.
  6. Posters should contain less sentences. Additional sentences should come from the presenter. Ph.D. candidate should explain it orally.

       7.  The background color should be made contrast in such a way that the content and text can be readable from 5 feet distance.

      8.There should a short list of references with font size 12 to 16.

Abstract of the posters should be sent during registration. It will be called later.

Each posters will be published in a special issue of JIST in one page. Detail announcement will be made after second circular

Oral Presentation

Ph.D. students those completed Ph.D. works are suggested to present posters and oral presentation of 15 minutes both. Concerned CDRC will select the Ph.D. candidates for the oral presentation. Call for the abstract for oral presentation will be announced during second circular of the festival.

Responsibilities of Central Departments / CDRC

  1. Notify Ph.D. students to participate and prepare a poster on his/her ongoing work in given format
  2. Arrange       one       each       seminar/talk       on       9       and       10       October,       2023       by  the experts/supervisors/entrepreneurs/scientists focusing on research work
  3. Arrange at least 5 contributory talks of 15 minutes by the Ph.D. students on their research problems
  4. Try to arrange poster display board as much as we can & involve staffs to take care posters

Responsibilities of Dean Office

  1. Announcements (first & second) / brochure / posters
  2. Registration / Call for the Abstract / Abstract book compilation & publication
  3. Invitation (NCC, FNCCI, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Incubators, IT experts, Chief guests, Guests, etc)
  4. Planning & Arrangement of poster display board, Festival Gate, advertising board, banner, token of love, batches, etc
  5. Preparation of 20 posters showing history of Ph.D. program at IoST, Academic & Research, IoST
  6. Closing and Opening Ceremony
  7. Socialization Event - Festival Dinner, etc
  8. Overall management of the festival
  9. Festival proceeding (edited) as ‘Special Issue of JIST’ for all posters (one page – one poster)

Important Dates

First Circular               :           1 Asar 2080 (16 June, 2023)

Registration Call         :           15 Asar (30 June)

Abstract Call               :           22 Asar (7 July)

Second Circular          :           1 Srawan 2080 (17 July)


22-23 Asoj 2080 (9-10 October) / Central Department premises, Kirtipur

Official Flyer of the Ph.D. festival


Institute of Science & Technology Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Nepal /

16 June 2023

First Announcement of the Ph.D. Festival)